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Summer Camp

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Penn Fusion Camp

Dates: August 12 - August 15
Location: TBD
Time: TBD
Cost: TBD
Register here: TBD

The Five Pillars of a Total Soccer Player

Each one of our camps will focus on the appropriate amount of time increasing each pillar in accordance to both the player's chronological age and developmental age

Open Camp

Our Open Camp is for anyone who would like to have fun with a soccer ball. Our open camp will have environment is one of learning and enjoyment. An emphasis will be on Technical Aspects of the game including: Dribbling, Passing and Shooting.

Ages are 7 - 14 years old.  Half-day option for 5 - 7 years old.

Stage 3 (7 v 7)
Learning to Train Camp

Stage 3 Learning to Train camp introduces players to the standard expected for soccer training. Players will be reintroduced to the classroom environment of teaching and coaches will progressively  move players along depending on the learning curve of each player. Different mythologies will be used including Guided Discovery and "Show me and I remember" to increase each players Technical and Tactical pillar creating a strong base for physical attributes to be cooperated in through small sided games.

Stage 4 (9v9)
Training to Train Camp

Training to Train camp will provide the players parts of all of the Pillars:

Technical: Advanced technical aspect performed under pressure in game like situations

Tactical: 2 player combinations including 1-2s, wall passes, overlaps plus give and go

Physical:  Physical movements performed while being challenged

Psychological: Goal Setting, Positive Thinking, and Focus

Character: Confidence and becoming a student of the game showing respect to the game, players and referees

Stage 5 (u13 and u14)
Training to Compete

Our Training to Compete builds on Stage 4 with a full day of recap. The rest of the week is looked upon as a pre-season camp to provide everything these players need to have both successful training sessions at this level with their teams and compete to the best of their ability during matches.

Intramural Camp

Our Intramural camp is open to all ages that will be playing in our intramural program in the fall. This fun filled environment will create an enjoyment for physical exercise and the game of soccer.

High School Pre-Season Camp

The high school camp I set up to provide FC Brandywine players the best chance of making their High School teams. Players should come away from camp tired from a hard pre-season of Physical and Technical correction. Because our players will be attending so many different high schools, limited Tactical awareness work will be involved so High School coaches have a "clean slate" from which to work with during their own pre-season. Several fitness tests will be performed, including the Beep Test and Manchester United runs.