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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

(Tuesday June 2nd)

Dear BYC Families,

We acknowledge that these unprecedented times have strained our sense of normalcy as a community, finances, personal and business relationships, and perceptions for all.  In facing these circumstances, the BYC leadership has sought to balance the needs of our member families and the operability of the Club with our duty as caretakers of the organization for future generations of children.

We realize no solution is perfect and that one size does not fit all.   We thank you for your understanding and support of the BYC, our mission, and the youth of the community, not just now, but for the last 65 years, and most of all, for your patience during these difficult times.  We ask for your continued support and understanding now, and into the future.

Accompanying please find some additional information based on questions we have received following our initial email which we hope you will find helpful.

Thank you again for your understanding and your support of the Brandywine Youth Club and our mission.

                                                                                    Yours in Sport,

                                                                                    TOM DOWNEY


Spring Registration Options and FAQs

What sports seasons have been cancelled?

All spring sports have been cancelled for 2020:  Baseball, Softball, Boys and Girls Spring Intramural Soccer, Boys and Girls Lacrosse, and Boys Volleyball.

What are my options?

Option 1: Receive a credit in the amount of 75% of your sport registration cost less the $25 Facilities Fee.  This credit can be used towards any future registration.

Option 2: Donate the amount of your registration to the Club.  We will provide each individual a donation letter for tax purposes and you will have our heartfelt thanks for your gracious donation.

Option 3: (Graduating Players) Families can still take credit and use towards a sibling’s future registration or for players aging out of their respective sport, may receive a refund for 75% of your registration fee (less $25 capital fee)

Please use the link below to make your selection by June 15th:

What is the Facilities Fee?

The Facilities Fee is a $25 charge that is collected on a per registration basis.  This fee is designed to cover a portion of Club overhead and fixed costs like: insurance, utilities, the mortgage on the gym, maintenance, and capital improvements that we strategically plan for annually, like painting the gym and repair and replacement of equipment and fixtures that have exceeded their usable life and the like.  There are also times where we need to make general repairs or improvements that cannot be planned for, like replacing the well at the gym or having the gym professionally sanitized after we were forced to close our doors from the COVID crisis.  This fee replaced the annual per family Capital Fee that had historically been collected previously.

Why am I not receiving a full cash refund?

In a general sense, each sport registration fee is used to cover sport-specific expenses, including equipment, indoor training in some cases, uniforms, field preparation and maintenance.   A portion of each registration fee is also dedicated to the remainder of the Club’s overhead costs as described above.  This year, like all others, as the Spring registrations began to fill up, each sport, in preparing for the upcoming season paid for equipment, facilities, tournament fees, league registration fees, and pre-season training in the normal course.   When we were literally days from the opening of spring sports, the Governor, in an unprecedented move, shut down the entire state, and the President, the country.  Equipment and uniforms purchased can and will be used in future seasons, but the expenses for field preparation, training, and overhead expenses cannot.


Why was a refund not offered to everyone?

BYC examined budgets and spring expenditures to date, how other similarly-situated local organizations were handling registrations and expenses, and attempted to fashion a remedy for the Club that fairly reflected and addressed the unprecedented times we and families in our community face.  Most area sports organizations have offered credits for canceled seasons and the majority of tournaments and leagues our sports registered for have offered only partial refunds or credits against future seasons.


Why are the options different from the Club's refund policy?

The published refund policy is designed to address the needs of individual families that find themselves unable are to participate in a single sport or activity due to pre-season injury, personal or family reasons.  The COVID-19 crisis and associated lockdown has impacted the entire region and our ability to operate normally as a club.   With that in mind, we have designed and offered options to our spring registrants that balanced the operability of our club with the needs of our membership. 


What are the plans for registration for Summer and Fall Sports?

We continue to monitor and follow the guidance of health and government officials as we make decisions for the summer and fall seasons and will seek to keep the community informed as we go forward and aspire to open registration for Fall Sports during June.  We are planning for many possible contingencies.

                                                                                   *   *   *

The Brandywine Youth Club (BYC) is a Pennsylvania Not for Profit Corporation and a 501(c)(3) that has provided sports programs for the youth of our community since 1955.  It is an all-volunteer organization and exists thanks to the hard work, dedication, and support of the parents, families, sponsors and others who devote their time, efforts and resources in organizing, planning, coaching and supporting our programs and the close to 2,500 children who participate each year, many in multiple sports.



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BYC Mission

It is our mission to teach the basic skills and fundamentals of the sport, which young people need to be able to play in a safe and nurturing environment, where all children will have the opportunity to play regardless of skill level.

Finally, it is our mission to ensure that each child has a positive, rewarding experience while participating in the programs, and that each child will learn the importance of sportsmanship, teamwork, honor, and integrity while sharing with their coaches and teammates the emotions of success and failure.

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