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Welcome to BYC Competitive Cheer!

If you have any questions about our program , please feel free to contact Pam Theisen and Tara Schwartz at

Here are some basic FAQ's to help you understand more about our program:

For important information for 2016-2017 season, please click here.

Do the cheerleaders have to try out?
There is an Open House/Clinic typically held in mid-June for competition squads only. This is a low-key way for 
the cheerleader to become familiar with the program, expectations and to meet the coaches. Coaches will have an 
opportunity to assess the skill level of the cheerleaders and begin to coordinate a plan to improve skills either over 
the summer or at the beginning of the season. 

How are the squad assignments made?
Competition rules regarding cheerleader ages are based upon the cheerleader’s age as of August 31st
age your daughter is on August 31st will be her age group for the remainder of the season). When different, a 
cheerleader’s grade level will be considered when making squad assignments. Skill and experience may also be 

What is the Competition Squad?
We have competing squad opportunities for cheerleaders who are age 4 - 18 as of August 31st. Evaluations are held 
in mid-June, mostly to determine squad placement. 

What experience does my child need in order to make one of the competing squads?
No specific experience or skill is required to participate in a competition squad. A cheerleader may find some cheer, 
dance or prior gymnastics experience helpful when attempting to grasp a new routine. 

How does my child sign up for a competing squad?
Competition Cheerleaders must register via the website which opens in early June. 
If at all possible, please have your child attend the Open House/Clinic in June. If that is not possible, please let us 
know of your interest by emailing to

Cheerleaders wishing to cheer for both field and competition squads only need pay the fees associated with the 
competition squads. There is no separate registration payment due for field cheer. However, please let us know your 
intent to ensure that your cheerleader will appear on the appropriate rosters. Email:

What is the practice commitment for a competing squad?
Practices start in mid-August and are typically held twice per week. The length of practice will increase based on the 
age group, the youngest squads practicing for 1 hour and the oldest squads practicing between 1 1⁄2 and 2 hours per 

Choreography is typically taught in a two day longer weekend practice in September. Please be aware that this 
session is extremely important and attendance by all squad members is necessary.

What is the difference between the commitment to a football cheer squad and a competition cheer squad?
Football cheerleading offers a great experience. Cheering for the football teams can be a lot of fun for a limited time. 
The commitment needed for a football cheerleading squad involves availability for practices 3x per week in August, 
once a week in September and weekend games in September and October. Typically cheering for football does not 
interfere with the child participating in other activities.

The commitment level for the competition squads is very high. Similar to a commitment to a travel team. 
Cheerleaders must be able to attend every practice unless sick. The professional routines designed for these squads 
are quite difficult and a cheerleader will fall behind if practices are missed. In addition, stunt formations require 
100% attendance or the squad's performance is compromised. Coaches for these squads are very serious about 
attendance and will require signed commitments from the parent and child regarding attendance. If a cheerleader 
decides she would like to participate on one of the competition squads, that cheerleader needs to make the squad a 
priority. Some cheerleaders on competition squads participate in other fall or winter sports. However, cheer is their 
priority. Unlike many sports where players are interchangeable, each cheerleader has a specific role in a competition 
routine that can not easily be changed. 

How long is the season?
The season for Competition Squads will begin in mid-August and typically extends through mid-March dependent 
upon the final scheduled competition date. Competition squads will compete at 3 - 8 competitions during the season 
depending on age and skill level. Competitions can occur on Saturdays or Sundays. 

How much does it cost?
Basic registration fees are $100 per cheerleader. Other standard BYC fees apply such as a capital fee and 
fundraising fee. There are additional required fees for uniform rental, competition fee (travel fee), choreography, 
uniform essentials (bloomers, bow, sneakers) due at various times throughout the season. 

Cheerleaders wishing to cheer for both field and competition squads only need pay the fees associated with the 
competition squads. There is no separate registration payment due for field cheer. However, please let us know your 
intent to ensure that you will appear on the appropriate rosters. Email:

Will my child get hurt?
There is risk involved with any sport. Cheerleading is a sport. You can be sure that the coaches do 
everything possible to prevent injury by teaching proper technique, including spotting. BYC Competition 
Cheer uses cheerleading mats for all skill work and encourages cheerleaders to only attempt skills for 
which they have properly been instructed and for which proper safeguards are in place. 

What do I need to bring to practice?
Cheerleaders should arrive at every practice 5 minutes early. Hair should be worn in a pony tail, 
absolutely NO JEWELRY, no hard objects in hair (barrettes, bobby pins, etc.), no gum, CLEAN shoes (no 
mud or gum on bottoms – we need to keep our mats clean!!), practice t-shirt (will be given out soon 
after the first few practices), a water bottle, a GOOD ATTITUDE!!!

Where are the competitions?
Competitions are local a short 15-20 minute drive at most.
(EX. Ridley, Garnet Valley, Wilmington, West Chester)
1 Final Competition may require a 1-2 night stay
(Ex. Hershey, PA, Wildwood, NJ, Ocean City, MD, Washinton DC, Virginia Beach, VA).
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