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Welcome to BYC Basketball

Welcome to the 2018 BYC Summer Basketball Season


See the Summer Basketball page for details.

New Compliance/Reporting requirements and instructions can be found on the Coaches' Corner link.



Co-Commissioner: John Im

Scheduling: Mike Sims
Compliance: Lynda Nadin

Registration: Anna Ahern 
Equipment: open
Webmaster: open
Facilities: Jerry Troutner
Boys' Intramural: open
Girls' Intramural:
Summer Basketball:  Chuck Smith
Referee:  Larry Sweeney

 Don't be bashful
, we are also in need of people to be involved with the general committee as well as forming a grievance committee. Help our program grow the right way - get involved.

Gym Rules

You may not realize it -

We use the gymnasium at the Garnet Valley Schools as guests of the district.  BYC is not entitled to gym time at the schools.  BYC enjoys a healthy relationship with the school district and work hard to keep the privilege of gym space. The schools only ask that we take care of what we use.  Simple enough isn't it?

As in the past, we need the full cooperation of all parents to make sure your children are with you at all times, DO NOT allow them to leave the gym without adult supervision.

  • Listed below are the rules that have been laid out by the Garnet Valley School District.
  • There should be no running or playing in the hallways and cafeteria by any child.
  • There should be no bouncing of balls outside of the gym areas. Also, there should be no bouncing of balls off the walls of the gymnasiums.
  • Food and beverages are prohibited in the gym area. The only beverage allowed will be water. There are signs posted at the entrances.
  • There should be no playing on the stage areas located in the Concord and GVES gyms.
  • Other outside organizations makes use of the GVSD facilities.  Please do not enter the gyms or any other area that is being used by the other organizations prior to the time designated for BYC use. 
  • Do not bounce any balls in the hallways and please keep the children quiet while you wait to get into the gym.
  • Children should not be in the GVSD buildings without adult supervision. 
  • All children should be supervised at the water fountains and the restrooms. Try to prevent children from having water fights and throwing towels on the floors, and please, remind the children to flush the toilets.
  • Please keep the gym and bathroom areas clean at all times.
  • Before leaving the area please remove all trash from the gym and restroom areas.
  • For the teams that use the GVMS gyms, you need to park in the lot between GVES and GVMS and use the walkway to get to the GVMS gym. YOU SHOULD NOT BE PARKING IN THE AREAS DESIGNATED FOR THE SCHOOL BUSES (THIS IS THE AREA CLOSEST TO THE NEW GVMS GYM).
  • There should be no playing under the bleachers located in the GVMS gyms. This is extremely dangerous and this area should be avoided at all times.
  • All teams should implement a hallway monitoring system for both the games and the practices. We will need the cooperation and participation from all of the parents and guardians that have children participating in the BYC Basketball program. We will need one volunteer from each team to assist the coach in organizing their hallway monitor schedule. Please talk to your child's coach for more details.

We all need to work together to ensure a safe and pleasant environment for our children.  Thank you for your cooperation.

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